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Chicken Soup for the Armchair Revolutionary

Was watching a popular Marathi news channel y’day after long time. Medha Patkar was being interviewed. What a lady! 30 years of struggle against all kinds of injustice. As usual humble, down to earth, calm, composed and articulate. Her dedication towards her cause gives me goose bumps. If you ask me who is most qualified […]

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Rocket Science and the Rat Race

Was watching Satyamev Jayate’s episode on corruption. There wasn’t much in it that I didn’t know. But the theme of every Indian being a millionaire struck some chords. Pity that I didn’t know I was born rich as an Indian. Its just that riches are collectively owned by an entity called Government, which in democracy […]

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Principles not Persons

Was watching a TV debate on an important issue. In couple of minutes, the panelists started doing Tu-Tu Main-Main. One said “2002” other said “1984”, One said “Ashok Chavan” the other said “Yeddurappa” and it went on and on and eventually the so called debate got converted into a shouting match. I closed the browser […]

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iPad in Education

Since the iPad has launched I have seen a surge of educational apps that make the iPad, the perfect device for education. Apple eventually saw this trend and started promoting education category just like games category (in US app store). I was lucky enough to have some of my educational apps featured in this promotion. […]

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Siri : The future is here.

For years, I have tried to talk to computers and I have realized that they simply don’t get it. I have tried over a dozen of desktop and mobile apps to see if computers understand what I say. Apps from Google, IBM, Microsoft and many other apps from small developers. None could understand what I […]

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