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A must watch if you love food

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The Crimes of the Capitalism

About two years ago, my friend introduced me to a way of better eating. In simple words it can be called as Organic-Raw-Vegan food. Each word here needs a big explanation. I have written in the past about why raw and why vegan. Today lets focus on why Organic. Only two years ago I heard […]

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Eating Right: Finding Alternatives to your favorite food

When I was convinced that eating raw and vegan is the only right way to feed yourself, one of the biggest challenge was to stop eating my favorite foods. For example, I loved all milk products. If you are not eating your favorites food once in while, life starts to seem meaningless. Like we need […]

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Eating Right: The morning delights

I am excited to share a wonderful way to start your day. Doctors say breakfast is the most important meal. If you want your brain to work at its optimum energy level, you gotta do a heavy breakfast. The digestion power of the stomach is also at its best in the morning and whatever you eat in […]

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Eating Right: Raw-Vegan recipes

  My struggle to be a complete raw-vegan continues. In my language, there is a saying which says its hard to forget the cast you belong to. Same way its really hard to change your food habits. Food tastes which we inherit from our tradition cannot be changed so easily. Like, we in India, typically […]

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