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Festivals: Now available on iTunes app store

It took a lot of excitement, a lot of frustration and a lot of hard work to write an app for iPhone and bring it to app store. Its available free starting today and here is the itunes link where you can download it and install it on your iPhone or iPod touch. Lerarning Objective-C […]

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Programming Paradigm

I think in old days programming was easy. You were either writing softwares for your hardware or your desktop. Internet was not there and mobile was not there. With technological advancements we now have so many platforms to program for. Now if you want to tap full potential of your programming brain you will probably […]

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Learning to XCode

Here is my first tutorial in XCoding !!! Defining an interface. /*   *  Employee.h  *  Defining an interface/class with instance variables and getters and setters  *  */ @interface Employee: NSObject { int empNumber; NSString *empName; } -(int)getNumber; -(NSString*) getName; -(void)setName:(NSString*) name; -(void)setNumber:(int)number; @end   Implementing the interface and calling methods on the class. /* * […]

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