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I dream of a new India

Indians were on the verge of loosing their patriotism. Most smart Indians have flown their mother land, mainly because they have given up on India. After a long long time, behind Anna’s voice, all Indians have came together to say what was suppressed for decades. Being an young Indian, like most other young Indians I […]

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Being Vegetarian

Man, naturally, should be a vegetarian, because the whole body is made for vegetarian food. Even scientists concede to the fact that the whole structure of the human body shows that man should not be a non-vegetarian. Man comes from the monkeys. Monkeys are vegetarians, absolute vegetarians. If Darwin is true then man should be […]

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Halloween Time…

I never saw such huge pumpkins in my life. Its halloween time and Whole Foods Market has all these pumpkins lined up outside their store. These pics were taken with iPhone’s camera and they come out really good.

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Our fellow living creatures are capable of feeling, too :)

This is a great video. Watch and feel it yourself !

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Sad but True.

It was 1994, my big bro. bought a stereo music system. I was so excited. He also bought 4-5 music cassettes with it. Those days, A cassette would cost at least Rs. 25 and it was too much for school boy like me. So we listened to same 4-5 music tapes again and again. Then […]

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