Lifehacker features ‘My Data Usage Pro’ as ‘app of the day’.

I am super excited to announce that Lifehacker has featured our “My Data Usage Pro” as ‘App of the day’. My Data Usage Pro is a simple utility app that enables you to count every last byte you download and hence fend off that scheming telecom provider who is waiting so that you exceed your […]

Grammar Express: Master your English grammatical tenses.

My previous app, Grammar Up was a super hit on app store. The free version has been downloaded over 100 thousand times where as the paid version has been downloaded around 20 thousand times. Grammar Up was based on TOEIC exam pattern and didn’t actually teach grammar rules, but tested knowledge of grammar and several […]

Hazard Perception Test now available for download

It was a bit of challenging project. But very interesting at the same time. Apple doesn’t provide many APIs to control the way a movie is played on iPhone. Considering this limitation I was postponing to develop Hazard Perception Test iPhone app for quite a long time. But finally its here. It took quite a […]