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Yosemite: Feast of Panorama

Back in 2008 when I visited Yosemite I did a lot of photography and videography. I also tried some Panoramic photography. Here are some samples. Click on each picture to see its full size. More to come soon.

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Programming and Art

Its been an year since I started developing for iPhone platform. It has been a roller-coster ride since everything was new including Objective-C, cocoa framework, XCode, Mac and all related tools and concepts. Developing for iPhone is really a great challenge for a programmer coming from Java background or any other programmer coming from non-Mac […]

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Eating in my own dishes

My first lot ceramics pots came out and now I am eating in my own dishes. Last three months in ceramics class I learned how to play with clay and make wonderful things. Playing with clay is relaxing and fun. Painting (glazing) them is more fun and when they come out of firing and start […]

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Muir Woods to Foster City via San Francisco :)

This video was shot when we were returning from Muir woods. A place where huge, tall and ancient Redwoods thrive. On the return journey we were driving through clouds for a while on top of the mountain. Then we were driving by seashore. Entered the city of San Fransisco though weighbridge, that particular moment feels […]

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Only Sky Is The Limit

About 30 Kilo meters away from Pune, there is place called Kawadi. Its famous for bird watching. The wide basin of the river attracts several species of birds. I happened to visit that beautiful place one morning. I did a lot photography that day. After a long time, I got time to compile a photostory […]

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