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Programming Paradigm

I think in old days programming was easy. You were either writing softwares for your hardware or your desktop. Internet was not there and mobile was not there. With technological advancements we now have so many platforms to program for. Now if you want to tap full potential of your programming brain you will probably […]

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iPhone and Mobile 2.0

There were big computers, a store room size and then came the PC and the whole world changed. When mobile phone came into world, people predicted that one day the this mobile phone will have the same capabilities that PC have. Its been a long time we have been watching the mobile phone evolution. It […]

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Waiting for iPhone

June 2007 is still 6 months away from now, and 2008 almost 12 month, iPhone would be the longest awaited consumer electronics product in the history. And its worth waiting for. “An iPod, a mobile phone and a breakthrough internet communication device. And these are not three different products. We call it the iPhone.” This is […]

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Murti lahan pan kirti mahan

Creativity has no limitations. If you are innovative enough money will follow without any extra efforts. I bought iPod a couple of months back and was very excited to write something about it. But that didn’t happen. Today I downloaded a free e-book published by iLounge then I couldn’t avoid the temptation to write something. […]

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Finally Arrived !!!

After waiting for a long month, finally it arrived. This is one of those few times when I have waited for something so desperately. The waiting has been wonderful. Sometimes I used to get so impatient that I would hit the’s order status page again and again. But it wouldn’t change. They kept the […]

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