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iPad in Education

Since the iPad has launched I have seen a surge of educational apps that make the iPad, the perfect device for education. Apple eventually saw this trend and started promoting education category just like games category (in US app store). I was lucky enough to have some of my educational apps featured in this promotion. […]

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Siri : The future is here.

For years, I have tried to talk to computers and I have realized that they simply don’t get it. I have tried over a dozen of desktop and mobile apps to see if computers understand what I say. Apps from Google, IBM, Microsoft and many other apps from small developers. None could understand what I […]

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Geek’s Got a Green Gadget

Writing after a long time. Have a good reason, too. I got my first green gadget, yes an electric bike. 100% electric. 0% emission. Ultra silent. Lightweight. And it feels cool. The model looks like somewhere between bicycle and a scooter. Not as powerful as motorbikes but great for city roads where you can’t drive […]

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History repeats itself?

Now that Nexus one will be available on all 4 major US carriers. AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon. Its scary for Apple and iPhone. Its been almost 3 years and iPhone is still stuck with AT&T while its hardly 3 months and Nexus One will be available on all 4 carriers. Android is spreading like […]

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Random thoughts on mobile

2009 was the year of new smart phones and thier app stores. As Steve Jobs created new industry everybody was trying to catch up. I was fortunate enough to try most of the new smart phones released this year. iPhone 3GS, Palm Pre, HTC Dream, Motorola Cliq and Droid. One thing is sure, none has […]

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