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The Crimes of the Capitalism

About two years ago, my friend introduced me to a way of better eating. In simple words it can be called as Organic-Raw-Vegan food. Each word here needs a big explanation. I have written in the past about why raw and why vegan. Today lets focus on why Organic. Only two years ago I heard […]

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Browser wars getting interesting….

Google Chrome, a new web browser from mighty Google will be released tomorrow. Its not another mee-too browser. Its from Google and we all know Google’s track record. Whats interesting about browser space is that the browser has become the most extensively used application on any OS. Browser’s development started when internet was very young […]

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Our fellow living creatures are capable of feeling, too :)

This is a great video. Watch and feel it yourself !

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iPhone and Mobile 2.0

There were big computers, a store room size and then came the PC and the whole world changed. When mobile phone came into world, people predicted that one day the this mobile phone will have the same capabilities that PC have. Its been a long time we have been watching the mobile phone evolution. It […]

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Indian Retail Story: a long way to go but not too far.

Today I was at Croma, Tata’s electronics retail chain. Its pretty impressive, but not for the one who has seen Fry’s Electronics, Best Buys, Circuit Cities. Well, you will say why am I comparing it with US’s retail stores? why? cause they are way advanced and too matuare. We have just begun. Yes, we have […]

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