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Las Vegas and The Fountain Show

Last year when I had visited Las Vegas, I realised that man has tried to create a heaven on the Earth. As far as materialism is concerned, he seems to have succeeded upto a great extent. The fountain show and the Cirque De Soleil (a circus show) were the best shows I have ever seen […]

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XML Threats

XML, SOA, SOAP, Web Services, Enterprise Service Bus and blah blah blah…. are today’s buzzwords. One thing common in all these technologies is they are heavily XML centic. But have you ever thought about how secure XML is, I never did. But here is list of all XML threats. XML Entity Expansion and Recursion Attacks XML Document […]

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opensubtitles and VobSub

Downloaded a movie using bit-torrent which turned out to be a French version? Don’t worry, and and VobSub and many other sites can help you with English subtitles. You can search for the movie subtitles on, normally you would get .srt file, using VobSub you can convert it .sub file. Configure your Windows […]

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