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Yuvi’s Six Sixes against England

This doesn’t happen everyday. Six sixes in a over. Yuvaraj Sing did it. It was spectacular. There was some exchange of words between him and opposition player. Why use words when you have bat in hand? Yuvi did exactly same. His bat spoke far louder than words and everybody heard it. India rejoiced, after such […]

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Indian Retail Story: a long way to go but not too far.

Today I was at Croma, Tata’s electronics retail chain. Its pretty impressive, but not for the one who has seen Fry’s Electronics, Best Buys, Circuit Cities. Well, you will say why am I comparing it with US’s retail stores? why? cause they are way advanced and too matuare. We have just begun. Yes, we have […]

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A recognized Apple fan

They gave me this painting, with Apples. Why? cause I am great apple fan. Who dreams Apple, lives Apple, eats Apple. Guys, thank you very much for this great huge big beautiful painting. I am recognized Apple fan now. What all you need to be a recognized Apple fan? 1. Visit following websites everyday. a. […]

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