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Windows counting its days

Windows is counting its days? you would ask are you nuts? MS has 80% + of market share, let it be their OS, or Office app or web browser, Microsoft has the monopoly. But wait, their end is not too far, why, just look at these news. IE 7’s market share is going down rapidly? […]

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Broadband Pains: Hathway manipulates your broadband usage in past.

Its been a month I am using Hathway’s Cable broadband. And it has been a frustrating experience. I have taken 512Kbps line but never delivers more than 320Kbps. Their connection works intermittently, mean every 5 or 10 mins it will stop working for a minute or two. Girls in customer care department are arrogant and […]

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A broadband story: Sad one

Being a software engineer and technology savvy, I spend at least 2-3 hours everyday reading several technology blogs, news and informative sites. Be it┬áJava news or gizmo news, my fav. blogs or some youtube videos, I need freaking good internet connection. Without internet I feel lost. Internet, better to say broadband, still sounds a strange […]

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