Monthly Archives: February 2008

A Pigeon’s Sun Bath

Its too cold in Pune these days. It was such a cold winter morning. Everyone was waiting for sun to come and get warm.And here was a friend. A pigeon. Getting sun bath. Silently. Aha !!! We were having silent conversation for quite a long time. He was wondering what this guy is doing. I […]

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The Dance

For last two years I was lucky to live in a beautiful apartment. Right from my balcony I could watch a green hill and the sunset. In rainy season I used to have a feeling of living on a Hill Station. Few cute plants in balcony used to add a lil more beauty in this […]

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Beautiful America: Grand Canyon

One of memorable trip was to Grand Canyon. As soon as we arrived there, peace and serenity surrounded us. The spirit of Red Indians is still alive there. I felt like finding a small job and live there forever. Following video tries to capture those moments. It hasn’t come that great, but still a glimpse […]

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Green Roads

I love South India for its greenery. Long long roads with palm and coconut trees on its both sides make it a really beautiful drive. Last year when I visited Pedana in Andhra Pradesh, I was fortunate to shoot video of these long long green roads and now this video is available as podcast. You […]

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