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Sad but True.

It was 1994, my big bro. bought a stereo music system. I was so excited. He also bought 4-5 music cassettes with it. Those days, A cassette would cost at least Rs. 25 and it was too much for school boy like me. So we listened to same 4-5 music tapes again and again. Then […]

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Only Sky Is The Limit

About 30 Kilo meters away from Pune, there is place called Kawadi. Its famous for bird watching. The wide basin of the river attracts several species of birds. I happened to visit that beautiful place one morning. I did a lot photography that day. After a long time, I got time to compile a photostory […]

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Panoramic Photography

How to take a panoramic photo? I thought it would be a rocketscience, but it is not. Panoramic Photography is pretty simple with help of a nice digital camera, tripod, and panoramic stitch software and of course, a computer. Step 1. You choose a nice view and set up your tripod at center of the […]

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iPhone and Mobile 2.0

There were big computers, a store room size and then came the PC and the whole world changed. When mobile phone came into world, people predicted that one day the this mobile phone will have the same capabilities that PC have. Its been a long time we have been watching the mobile phone evolution. It […]

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