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Safari: The next generation browser.

I receive an update of firefox every week. And I don’t see if anything has changed since last version. IE 6 was better but IE 7 has become really heavy and slow. Interestingly enough, Safari: the default browser on mac is becoming the next generation browser. Safari v4 is now available for developer preview and […]

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Learning to XCode

Here is my first tutorial in XCoding !!! Defining an interface. /*   *  Employee.h  *  Defining an interface/class with instance variables and getters and setters  *  */ @interface Employee: NSObject { int empNumber; NSString *empName; } -(int)getNumber; -(NSString*) getName; -(void)setName:(NSString*) name; -(void)setNumber:(int)number; @end   Implementing the interface and calling methods on the class. /* * […]

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‘OpenCL’ and ‘Grand Central’, will it change computing?

Apple announced its next version of OS, Snow Leopard in WWDC. Two features in this new OS are really noteworthy which have potential to change the whole computing. Its been just two-three  years since multi-core processors started showing up in desktop. Clock speeds have reached about 3Gz and cores reaching to 8, supercomputing is hitting to desktops. Apple’s “Grand Central,” a […]

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Road to iPhone Developement

Want to develop apps for iPhone? Here is how you can start. 1. You got to have a mac for this. iPhone SDK is only available for Mac OS X platform. No windoze !!! 2. You need to know C and Objective-C languages. 3. Learn the XCode IDE 4. Learn ‘Cocoa’ and ‘Cocoa Touch’ frameworks. […]

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Apple Innovates, World Copies

  Why is that Apple has to innovate and world has to copy ? Apple brought graphical user interface with mouse to the world and windows copied it. We, kinda had accepted that computers had to look ugly with big monitor and big tower, but  Apple broke the trend way back in 1998 by introducing […]

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