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Eating Right: The morning delights

I am excited to share a wonderful way to start your day. Doctors say breakfast is the most important meal. If you want your brain to work at its optimum energy level, you gotta do a heavy breakfast. The digestion power of the stomach is also at its best in the morning and whatever you eat in […]

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Eating Right: Raw-Vegan recipes

  My struggle to be a complete raw-vegan continues. In my language, there is a saying which says its hard to forget the cast you belong to. Same way its really hard to change your food habits. Food tastes which we inherit from our tradition cannot be changed so easily. Like, we in India, typically […]

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Eating right: Raw and Vegan

Last time I wrote about eating right. The emphasis was upon organic vs non organic and right way of cooking. This time I am going to be little more courageous and share about Raw Food and being pure vegetarian. I came across some texts which reads as follows. “People who eat only raw, plant-based foods […]

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