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My Favorite iPhone apps so far

Its been a week I am playing with my iPhone. Installing new apps (mostly free) and testing how they work. So far I have found few amazing apps which which use iPhone’s full potential. 1. Palringo Instant Messanger: Lets you login into yahoo, gtalk, msn, aim, ichat and many more IM services. One can send […]

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Eating Right: Finding Alternatives to your favorite food

When I was convinced that eating raw and vegan is the only right way to feed yourself, one of the biggest challenge was to stop eating my favorite foods. For example, I loved all milk products. If you are not eating your favorites food once in while, life starts to seem meaningless. Like we need […]

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Programming Paradigm

I think in old days programming was easy. You were either writing softwares for your hardware or your desktop. Internet was not there and mobile was not there. With technological advancements we now have so many platforms to program for. Now if you want to tap full potential of your programming brain you will probably […]

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Blogging from my iPhone

I have some great reason to blog today. After waiting for one and half year finally this crazy device is with me. Upgraded from my gophone to 2 year contract. This is gonna be an expensive fun and cost me 70 bucks+tax per month. But I am hoping that I will write some cool apps […]

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Muir Woods to Foster City via San Francisco :)

This video was shot when we were returning from Muir woods. A place where huge, tall and ancient Redwoods thrive. On the return journey we were driving through clouds for a while on top of the mountain. Then we were driving by seashore. Entered the city of San Fransisco though weighbridge, that particular moment feels […]

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