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JQuiz: Objective-C’s tribute to Java Part 2

Now that NDA has been lifted by apple and JQuiz is also released on app store I can write in detail about my experiences with JQuiz, my second app for iPhone and my first paid app. When I was developing Festivals, it was more for fun. I wanted see if I can really write an […]

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JQuiz: Objective C’s Tribute to Java

JQuiz, my second app for iPhone is now on app store. It was another month of excitement, frustration and a steep learning curve of Objective-C, Cocoa Touch framework. I went through all this and here is the result. JQuiz: I call it Objective C’s tribute to Java. To learn more hit the JQuiz support site. […]

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Eating in my own dishes

My first lot ceramics pots came out and now I am eating in my own dishes. Last three months in ceramics class I learned how to play with clay and make wonderful things. Playing with clay is relaxing and fun. Painting (glazing) them is more fun and when they come out of firing and start […]

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Halloween Time…

I never saw such huge pumpkins in my life. Its halloween time and Whole Foods Market has all these pumpkins lined up outside their store. These pics were taken with iPhone’s camera and they come out really good.

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