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A complete suite of apps for UK’s Drivers

Two new apps for UK’s commercial drivers license were released this sunday. Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) test and Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) Test. Now I have apps for all kinds of UK drivers. Car, Motorcycle, Bus and truck. Visit for video demo and more details for each app. Great thanks to Makrand for helping […]

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iPhone 3.0 : Close to perfection

Just a couple days ago I said I am afraid that iPhone may take over the world. I mean no other smartphone can compete with iPhone. iPhone 3.0 is going to prove that. They didnt announce anything about hardware yet, as they never do. But I am pretty sure a powerful hardware is in making […]

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My thoughts on the smartphone and app store bandwagon

Almost an year and half ago, Steve Jobs said that post-pc devices will be the next big thing. We have seen the success of iPhone and its app store. And now all want to follow the same success formula. Blackberry, Symbian, Google Android, Window mobile and Palm, all have announced their app stores and new […]

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What to expect in iPhone 3.0 ?

1, Ability to run apps parallely (I was wrong !) 2. Push notification service (I was right) 3. Multi-core processor (Sorry) 4. Enhanced app store (Yup, its there.) 5. Highly improved battery life (Nope, sorry.) 6. Un-jailbreak-able OS (who knows?) 7. New frameworks for developers (for using voice over capabilities, bluetooth, etc) (Yup, i was […]

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On Mac, it just works !!!

Started Android development. Just did a hello world program. And was wondering how would I run it on device itself. Started reading the documentation about setting up the device on mac, and it says, “If you’re developing on Mac OS X, it just works. Skip this step.”

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