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The Crimes of the Capitalism

About two years ago, my friend introduced me to a way of better eating. In simple words it can be called as Organic-Raw-Vegan food. Each word here needs a big explanation. I have written in the past about why raw and why vegan. Today lets focus on why Organic. Only two years ago I heard […]

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Life is animated. Life is 3D. Life is simple.

Why do 30 million people love their iPhones and iPod touches? The answer is simple. These new devices interact in such way that the user feels at home. In other words it really touches user’s heart. Thank God, Steve Jobs took that calligraphy class. Animation: Nothing in life happens suddenly. Each and everything is animated. […]

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New CTO, Apple, Indian politics and some thoughts

I laughed out louder when America’s new CTO, Aneesh Chopra said that iPhone is his life and he prays everyday to the God of Steve Jobs. Obama announced that Aneesh Chopra will be America’s new CTO. Vivek Kundra has already been nominated for the position of CIO. Two Indians will direct the use of information […]

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