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First video podcast with iPhone 3GS’ video camera.

No doubt. iPhone 3GS rocks. 3 things that  impressed me are that,  now I can shoot a pretty decent quality video, use it to track my runs and walks and upload the stats to Nike+ website and monitor my progress. (Take a look at the sidebar for the Nike+ widget.) , and the compass. No […]

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Its here.

Couldn’t wait to pre-order iPhone 3G S. And they delivered it on launch day. Yes, June 19th, and i have been using it extensively for last two days. And I m impressed. It certainly speedier than iPhone 3G. Here is my detailed review. 1. I immediately fall in love with digital compass. It makes iPhone […]

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iCreate Magazine dedicates one full page for reviewing UK Car Driving Theory Test app

The other day I was at Costco and was browsing through books and magazines section. And I saw a magazine by makers of iCreate, Imagine Publishing. This magazine issue is named as “iPhone App Directory” and contains reviews of 250 top iPhone apps. It was a cool surprise when I opened page # 135 and […]

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The first iPhone game I fall in love with.

They are thousands of iPhone games in app store now. Almost every game promotes competition, some kind of challenge, violence, puzzle or something that stimulates your left brain. All games are mind oriented. Made for male part of our brain. There are quite a few games which are made for right side of a brain. The one played […]

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