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Hazard Perception Test now available for download

It was a bit of challenging project. But very interesting at the same time. Apple doesn’t provide many APIs to control the way a movie is played on iPhone. Considering this limitation I was postponing to develop Hazard Perception Test iPhone app for quite a long time. But finally its here. It took quite a […]

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Programming and Art

Its been an year since I started developing for iPhone platform. It has been a roller-coster ride since everything was new including Objective-C, cocoa framework, XCode, Mac and all related tools and concepts. Developing for iPhone is really a great challenge for a programmer coming from Java background or any other programmer coming from non-Mac […]

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Love-Hate Relationship with Soul-less Entities!

There has been a lot of fuss about Apple being evil lately. Media highlights such events in bold, cause everyone loves Apple and when Apple goes wrong they want to make it a big news. 1. Apple rejects Google Voice app. 2. Eric Schmidt¬†¬†leaves Apple. 3. iPod battery explosion. And many such events make it […]

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