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I dream of a new India

Indians were on the verge of loosing their patriotism. Most smart Indians have flown their mother land, mainly because they have given up on India. After a long long time, behind Anna’s voice, all Indians have came together to say what was suppressed for decades. Being an young Indian, like most other young Indians I […]

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How Steve Jobs helped me.

Until 2006 I was pretty much a PC guy with a Nokia phone. Co-incidently in that same year, I bought my first laptop. It was Dell. (It still works fine. Although it got repaired by Dell on four occasions, in which its motherboard, LCD screen and graphics card got replaced.) My IT manager at work […]

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The Emergence of Android App Stores.

I am forced to write this article. For over two years since the launch of Android Market by Google, a huge number of competing Android markets have emerged. And almost everyday, yes everyday, I get an email asking to launch my Android app on their Android App store. Vodafone, O2, Orange, Cisco, Amazon and ton […]

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The problem with developing for tablets other than iPad

Since the launch of iPad one and half years ago, a lot of competing tablets have arrived in market. BB Playbook, Samsung Galaxy Tab, HP TouchPad, Motorola XOOM and several other Android tablets. While Android phones has surpassed iPhone’s growth in terms of volume, I am afraid, it can not happen same with Android tablets. […]

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