Eating Right: Finding Alternatives to your favorite food

Rich Foods

When I was convinced that eating raw and vegan is the only right way to feed yourself, one of the biggest challenge was to stop eating my favorite foods. For example, I loved all milk products. If you are not eating your favorites food once in while, life starts to seem meaningless. Like we need Samosa, Pani-Puri, Bhel or any other chat (चाट) item once in while to stimulate our tongue and to feel alive. There was a time when I stopped eating them completely and started eating them once in while until I found the right alternatives. Gabriel Cousens’ book Conscious Eating was a great help in this matter. There is a raw-vegan alternative to almost every non-raw-vegan item. Lets begin with milk.

Milk is an indispensable food item in every culture. The myth about milk and milk products is that they provide a great amount of protein, calcium, fat and other vitamins. For the truth read this item or google for ‘dairy problems’. Raw vegan eating is more about following the nature’s laws. Unfortunately man has forgotten his nature. Milk is made for calfs, not humans, but unfortunately when milk companies make ads like “दुध दुध दुध दुध दुध हेे वनडरफुल, पि सकते हेे रोज गलासफुल” we get hypnotized by the wonderful ad and dont search for facts. It is sad that our lives are governed by ads and we have no time to research for what is good for us and what is not. I found it interesting that when humans have a great natural choice of foods why do we still eat animal products, who, only eat grass? Almond is a rich food, apple is a rich food, avocado is rich food. Animals do not get to eat them. All vegetables and fruits are rich foods. They contain all nutrition humans require, in natural and digestible form. Man has gone mad, has turned his back on these rich foods and eating only grass.

Coming back to alternatives, there are delicious alternatives to all milk products. Seed and nut milks. An year ago when I discovered almond milk, I immediately fall in love with it. Soak almond overnight, in the morning add some water and blend it till become like milk, add your favorite sweetener a pinch of cardamom powder and you have made Masala Milk for yourself. Same way you can make milk out of cashews, pecans, peanuts and many other nuts and seeds. Soymilk is another great alternative . And you can have soy-curd, soy-cheese, soy-tofu. Curd, tofu and cheese can also be made out of seed and nut milk.

Nowadays I can easily find Almond-cheese, rice-cheese, cashew-butter, peanut-butter and many other butters made from non-dairy products. Kefir is a great alternative to curd. All these alternatives are really delicious and healthier choices over dairy products.

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  1. Posted June 16, 2009 at 12:33 am | Permalink

    i have to agree with the fruits and all, humanity’s diet has changed from being “in line” with nature into being an all out meat only diet.
    everything we eat has to have meat or something in it. what happened to the days of eating vegetables and fruits more than anything else?
    as for dairy, milk for calfs and not really for humans? i’m going to have a look at your link. that sounds interesting. In any case, just as you said, kefir is a great alternative to dairy and other dairy products. it’s even better than yogurt, just as long as you make it with real kefir grains that is.

  2. Posted November 26, 2011 at 12:24 pm | Permalink

    Kefir, also my daily smoothie with fruit 🙂

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