Waiting for iPhone

June 2007 is still 6 months away from now, and 2008 almost 12 month, iPhone would be the longest awaited consumer electronics product in the history. And its worth waiting for. “An iPod, a mobile phone and a breakthrough internet communication device. And these are not three different products. We call it the iPhone.” This is how Mr. Jobs introduced iPhone to the world. And I also agree that they are reinventing the mobile phone.

I downloaded 500MB keynote from bittorrent and its duration is almost 2 HRS. Steve Jobs thouroughly demos the new iPhone. And whats most intresting is the new user interface. Yes, they call it multi-touch screen. Its is so interesting to see why they call it multi-touch. So when you want to scroll through the music collection, how do you scroll it, you just move your finger top-to-bottom and the list scrolls. If you want to zoom a picture ? how do you do that ? you just put your two fingers on the screen and literally stretch it and the picture zooms in, so on and so forth. Unless you watch the keynote, you wouldnt get whay I am saying.

So again, after iPod Apple is ready to write another chapter in the history of consumer electronics, so keep watching ….
Apple iPhone

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