iCreate Magazine dedicates one full page for reviewing UK Car Driving Theory Test app

The other day I was at Costco and was browsing through books and magazines section. And I saw a magazine by makers of iCreate, Imagine Publishing. This magazine issue is named as “iPhone App Directory” and contains reviews of 250 top iPhone apps. It was a cool surprise when I opened page # 135 and saw a full page review of my app, UK Car Driving Theory test. Here goes the full review in their words.

Learning made fun, easy and cheap”

Value ***** Practicality ***** Fun Factor **** Overall Rating ***** Longevity ***

Not only is learning to drive a right of passage for most young people it’s also a pretty scary learning curve. You go from being a passenger in a safe environment to a driver in a huge piece of metal

weighing several tons and capable of silly speeds in a dramatically short period of time. These days, as part of the testing procedure you need to pass a theory test. This makes sure that you are considerate and mindful of all the rules and regs before you become a fully fledged driver. Now, thanks to the iPhone,and some genius developers, you can study for the written test while you’re out and about without having to carry a laptop with a DVD to play,or a huge book.

Inside this app you will find all the information you need to pass the test, broken down into categories for you to digest at your leisure. You can also take mock tests asyou learn and the application will tell you how you are progressing in the Progress Meter section. There’s a separate section devoted to the Highway Code and the settings enable you to adjust the waythe app responds including the magnification of pictures and resetting the progress chart. As you go through the categories in the main section of the app you are asked the same multiple-choice questions you get in the test, so you can see every variant of the questions and be thoroughly prepared. The app will tell you how many questions from each section would be on a real test. When you take the mock test you will get those questions you’ve already studied for in a randomised way, in the same way it would happen at the test centre.  This app is very well built, incredibly informative and worth every single penny of its £4.99 price tag. Considering the DVD costs over £20,we can’t help but be elated by the great value on offer here. Like many of the apps in this section, the information is extremely pertinent and so well laid out that it makes learning interactive and easy.

And here goes the link to scanned image of the page. Link to PDF

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