Its here.

Couldn’t wait to pre-order iPhone 3G S. And they delivered it on launch day. Yes, June 19th, and i have been using it extensively for last two days. And I m impressed. It certainly speedier than iPhone 3G. Here is my detailed review.

1. I immediately fall in love with digital compass. It makes iPhone very powerful and particularly the maps app. I went to a shopping center and wanted to find a new store that I had never been too. Maps with compass helped me to perfectly locate it.
2. I got my new Nike+ shoes with Nike sensor. 3G S now has Nike+ support. The Nike+ app is awesome. Its a great aid and boost for my long walks and runs. Now I can track how much time I am spending on my workouts, how longs am walking and how much calories I am burning. iTunes automatically updates the workout data to and I plan to make that widget available on this blog.
3. Video feature is awesome. But I dont know how much I will use it.
4. I tried the Voice Over and accessibility features. And I think they are really great and make iPhone a perfect phone.
5. 3.0 OS has great new features. Mainly, now youtube supports accounts, so I can record a video and immediately upload it to youtube and within minutes its available to watch.
6. The mic with remote is another awesome update to 3G S. Great to use while workouts.

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  1. Dipali Kucheria
    Posted June 23, 2009 at 3:34 pm | Permalink

    Hi Eknath, stumbled upon your blog by chance…glad to get an update about you 🙂 ..seems you have been doing a lot of iPhone App development..pretty exciting I would say…hope you remember me..

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