Grammar Express: Master your English grammatical tenses.

Grammar Express

My previous app, Grammar Up was a super hit on app store. The free version has been downloaded over 100 thousand times where as the paid version has been downloaded around 20 thousand times. Grammar Up was based on TOEIC exam pattern and didn’t actually teach grammar rules, but tested knowledge of grammar and several kind of word choices. Many user complained that they expected there will be some teaching material in Grammar Up.

To address this complain I teamed with Ashok sir, who has been teaching English grammar for last 30+ years. At the age of sixty he still carries an enthusiasm of an youngster. He lives in small village in Maharashtra, India where power outage is a daily affair.  Fortunately, they have telephone line and thanks to BSNL, internet is also available now and internet opens door to a lot of possibilities. Here is one example.

With his help I will be publishing a series of iPhone apps that will touch upon each and every grammar topic. To start with, we just released our first app, Grammar Express: Tenses. Grammar Express: Tenses is a complete course in learning grammatical tenses. It has all the rules explained with several examples and followed by quiz with huge question bank.

Check it out on app store:

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    I think this is a great app, but then if the iPhone owner is not hardworking enough in using the app, s/he still won’t be able to improve much.

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