iPad will be a big thing.


Forget about netbooks or your laptops…these are too heavy and cumbersome to use. Forget about smart phones….their screens are just too tiny and they arent powerful enough. iPad is the thing going forward.

I havent used one yet, but I can imagine how intimate this device is going to be. I have started using iPhone for many of the tasks that I would normally do on my Mac. But iPhone’s screen is too small and it isnt powerful enough to do some heavy tasks. Going forward, once iPad comes in my hand, I will be using it for most of the tasks while sitting on my couch. The whole experience is going to be awesome. Sitting on a couch in a relaxed mode and doing some serious works is going to be exciting. I cant wait to see more productivity apps coming to iPad. With such a big screen, many of the desktop class apps will make it to the iPad.

I am sure with the release of iPhone OS 4.0 a iPad will be much more capable than what its today. Multi-tasking is not going to be a big issue provided iPad has 10 hours of battery life. The 4th generation iPhone will also have multi-tasking and a long battery life. I am sure that Apple is going to put their new silicon in 4th generation iPhone.

Netbooks and rest of the tablet market is simply gonna die. With 140K app in the App Store, there is no possibility that the competition would ever be able to catch up.

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