History repeats itself?

Now that Nexus one will be available on all 4 major US carriers. AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon. Its scary for Apple and iPhone. Its been almost 3 years and iPhone is still stuck with AT&T while its hardly 3 months and Nexus One will be available on all 4 carriers. Android is spreading like wild-fire. It will be no longer from now when we can see what happened to Mac in 80s may happen to iPhone again.

Apple’s got a lot of philosophical problems. You will never-ever see a keyboard on iPhone. iPhone OS will never be licensed to third party handset manufacturers. Carrier exclusivity still continues throughout the world. India and China has proven it long ago what can happen to mobile industry if handsets are not locked to a carrier. Watch out for the speed Nexus One can move now.

If Apple is to follow their regular  schedule, we can expect iPhone 4.0 in June/July timeframe. Unless 4.0 has some amazing new features, both in terms of software and hardware, it will be really hard for iPhone to compete with Android phones in general.

While Apple is smart enough to see whats happening in industry and for sure they have some secret plans to destroy the competition. Here are my two cents what Apple can do to destroy the competition completely.

1. Make iPhone available on all 4 carriers in US. (This is so obvious!)

2. Alternatively, sell the GSM version unlocked thru out the world. (Like Nokia does and now Google is doing.)

3. Exceed all the basic hardware specs and stay ahead of competition by at least an year. It may mean bigger screen with higher resolution, a front facing camera, faster processor, more memory, longer battery life.

4. Reduce the revision cycle for the hardware from 12 months to at least 9 months. Rest of the industry is moving very fast since they only concentrate on hardware part. Google takes care of the OS. Apple is making the whole banana themselves.

5. Allow multi-tasking for 3rd party apps. I know it doesn’t make much sense, but its something people are asking all the time and competitors are advertising against.

6. Lower the price. Its a hard pill to swallow for Apple as they like to enjoy the premium status. While this strategy is working for Macs, it will be difficult going forward to work for iPhone too.

Update 1: March 23rd 10. HTC introduces HTC EVO 4G. The best hardware specs on the market. iPhone 4G now have great competition. Apple faithfuls will wait and watch until iPhone 4G is introduced. If the 4G iPhone H/W & S/W specs are disappointing  a lot people will leave the iPhone.

Update 2: iPhone 4 has been launched and its hardware specs are super exciting. Retina display is just beautiful. Front facing camera with Facetime gonna rule. Apple’s A4 chip is fast enough to beat the competition. Multitasking is in, new hardware form factor is in. iPhone 4 will continue to rule another year.

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