The Emergence of Android App Stores.

I am forced to write this article. For over two years since the launch of Android Market by Google, a huge number of competing Android markets have emerged. And almost everyday, yes everyday, I get an email asking to launch my Android app on their Android App store.

Vodafone, O2, Orange, Cisco, Amazon and ton of small players, they all want their app store.

The Goggle’s Android market itself is so poorly managed that very less Android developers are profitable. Google is big company, and they have the horsepower to make Android developers successful, they done a horrible job of promoting Android apps. And when everyday new Android market pops-up, you start wondering whats going on.

So, I gave a try to launch my apps on Motorola app store, Amazon appstore and Orange app store. And unfortunately, they all just suck. Their developer portal is so abysmal that it can only be renamed as crap.

1. The dev portals do not support multiple users, so if you are working as a company, you have to share all your credentials among your employees, and your employees would know your how much you are making, its just annoying.

2. Create, Update, Delete, View. These are the four basic operations needed for each app. But they do very poor job on this that become next impossible to update an app or remove it from the portal.

3.Reporting: Except Apple and Google nobody else provides real time or daily reporting. So you have to wait for weeks to know how  many apps you sold. If anybody is serious about selling apps, they need a realtime data or atleast daily reporting to make strategic decisions to promote their app successfully.

4. Payment terms: Well, they don’t really want to pay you or want to delay it as much as possible. The terms are so erratic that you need a great deal of patience.

5. Bugs: These App stores are so desperate that they haven’t gone thru enough testing. Even Googles Android market is so full of bugs that I daily receive 10s of emails saying they are not able to download the app or they don’t know why their payment has been declined.

So, the conclusion.

All those who are planning to launch a new another Android app store, please stop. I am not giving you my apps.

Aum Shanti.

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