How Steve Jobs helped me.

Until 2006 I was pretty much a PC guy with a Nokia phone. Co-incidently in that same year, I bought my first laptop. It was Dell. (It still works fine. Although it got repaired by Dell on four occasions, in which its motherboard, LCD screen and graphics card got replaced.) My IT manager at work was shocked that I spent $2K on a Dell Laptop. He strongly suggested me return the Dell and get a Mac.

I didn’t consider his suggestion even for a minute. I didn’t really know much about Mac then.

And then I bought iPod. That was the first Apple product that I bought. Immediately I was in love with this tiny little device and the amazing way it worked. Since then I started discovering about Apple.

Interestingly at work I stopped using Windows and switched to Linux. But at home I was still a PC guy. And then in January 2007 I saw Steve’s Keynote when he introduced the iPhone. I was completely blown away. I started discovering about Apple and Mac feverishly. And eventually decided that Mac will be my next computer. Came year 2007 and I was a owner of a MacBook Pro. It still works fine, except its SuperDrive got replaced.

My life changed a lot after that. I took sabbatical from my day job and was in search of enlightenment for an year.

By this time, I was a certified Apple fanboy. And then came the App Store. I launched my first apps and immediately got huge success that I never had to return to a day job. I was self employed. Thanks to Steve.

This year, I started my own company in India. When iPad 2 was launched in USA, I ordered two of them. But alas, Apple rejected my order. They wouldn’t send it to a freight forwarding address and hence I couldn’t ship it to India. And Apple was yet to announce when iPad 2 will be available in India.

I wrote to Steve. Expressed my frustration on Apple Online Store policies and how as an Indian app developer I was at a disadvantage. I told him that I wanted these iPad 2s immediately at my B’lore office for testing my upcoming apps.

In 24 hours, I got an email from Apple developer relations manager informing that the my email to Steve has been forwarded to him and he wish to help me. Later he called me on my phone and assured that he would do his best to help me. In next 24 hours my iPad 2s got shipped!

The total turnaround time was only 48 hours after I wrote to Steve. This kind of events are unheard of in any organization in an industry. But this is very very often for an Apple enthusiast to have his email to Steve replied or action taken upon.

After Steve resigned today, I was a little surprised, but all were seeing it coming. Fortunately enough, Steve will remain as chairman. As long as Steve is alive, am sure he will be involved in Apple some or other way. Till then, an Apple fanboy like me will remain at peace.

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