I dream of a new India

Indians were on the verge of loosing their patriotism. Most smart Indians have flown their mother land, mainly because they have given up on India. After a long long time, behind Anna’s voice, all Indians have came together to say what was suppressed for decades.

Being an young Indian, like most other young Indians I was hopeless about the situation in India. Because of the corruption India has suffered so much for decades that no matter how smart Indians are, India still remained an underdog when it came to living standard, progressiveness and general competetiveness index.

When we start accepting corruption as way of life, a nation can not rise to higher levels. Corrupt minds have the vested interests in keeping the society corrupt. Corrupt society is a falling society. Its doomed to fail. People in corrupt society can not live a happy and a life of dignity. The very purpose of living gets confused. A society that has lost its way will eventually destroy itself.

It was pity that while young generation was frustrated about it, it did not know what to do. There was anger,frustration and a feeling of revenge for betrayal. When a well educated well performing young professional finds out that to get a voters ID he must pay bribe; its humiliating.

Under Anna’s leadership everybody vented their anger, frustration and the feeling of betrayal out. And government has finally understood that. All people have got their hopes of a better India back. They have started to dream of a new India. An India where people would be honest and kind. And where people will live a normal life of happiness and dignity. When a farmer will walk into a government office and apply for ration card his job will be done without any harassment and promptly. All politicians will do the best thing for the country and not for their bank balance. A country of discipline will create citizens which know how to exercise their rights and same time how to behave responsibly.

Can I dream of a new India?

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  1. Siddhartha
    Posted November 7, 2011 at 5:49 am | Permalink

    Most of the communities in the entire Indian sub-continent(such as Bengali) succumbed in ‘Culture of Poverty'(Oscar Lewis), irrespective of class or economic strata, lives in pavement or apartment. Nobody is genuinely regret ed or ashamed of the deep-rooted corruption, decaying general quality of life, worst Politico-admin system, bad work place, weak mother language, continuous consumption of common social space (mental as well as physical, both). We are becoming fathers & mothers only by self-procreation, mindlessly & blindfold(supported by some lame excuses). Simply depriving their(the children) fundamental rights of a decent, caring society, fearless & dignified living. Do not ever look for any other positive alternative behaviour(values) to perform human way of parenthood, i.e. deliberately co-parenting children those are born out of ignorance, extreme poverty. It seems that all of us are being driven only by the very animal instinct. If the Bengali people ever be able to bring that genuine freedom (from vicious cycle of ‘poverty’) in their own life/attitude, involve themselves in ‘Production of (social) Space’ (Henri Lefebvre), initiate a movement by heart, an intense attachment with the society at large is very much required – one different pathway has to create, decent & rich Politics will definitely come up. – Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay, 16/4, Girish Banerjee Lane, Howrah-711101.

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