Siri : The future is here.

For years, I have tried to talk to computers and I have realized that they simply don’t get it.

I have tried over a dozen of desktop and mobile apps to see if computers understand what I say. Apps from Google, IBM, Microsoft and many other apps from small developers. None could understand what I say, including Apple’s. The accuracy was less than 50%. I had given up on the idea that computers can understand what I say.

But with Siri’s introduction, Apple is poised to change it forever.

The initial reviews are pretty impressive and I have started thinking about how Siri and iPhone will change the way we interact with computers once again.

Apple has previous changed the way we interact with computers again and again. From command line inputs from keyboards and graphical user interface with mice to touch interface on iPhone. Siri will enable humans to directly talk to a computer and get things done.

As Siri is still in beta. What Siri is capable of doing now is just the tip of iceberg. Its just beginning of the great future ahead. We would be seeing a lot of new apps coming from Apple that would integrate with Siri. Some examples are Reminders app, Movie trailers app, Newsstand app and so on. While third party app integration will soon be a reality, till then Apple will be making a lot of Apps that Siri would be interacting with. I am sure Apple is non-stop working on making Siri the only thing that would do everything.

Its interesting that how Apple has always been thinking of our mothers and grandmothers. Typing on keyboard to get things done is really hard for old people. Mouse is better, Touch screens are lot easier and Siri would be the easiest way ever to interact with computers.

I would not be surprised if Siri would soon become part of desktops and tablets. With its integration with desktops and tablets, Siri would soon become the de-facto standard of interacting with computers. I wouldn’t say that keyboards and mice will disappear, but users will move away from them as much as possible. Just like most people prefer mouse over keyboard, a lot of people would choose Siri over keyboard and mouse.

I would assume that Siri will take quite a good amount of time to become mature. When Siri is mature and robust, Apple would eventually figure out third party app integration with Siri. If that happens, there would be explosion of the apps that would integrate with Siri. And  with that Apple will write another chapter in the history of computers and the way humans interacted with them!

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  1. Ray
    Posted October 16, 2011 at 10:12 am | Permalink

    BMW has already started negotiating deal to integrate Siri into their cars. They will go into your house appliances too. Once you open your door, Siri will greet you and ask how you are doing. Probably playing some relaxing music when it detected high stress level in your voice. You could tell your TV that you want to watch some basketball and Siri will help switching to ESPN. Siri could have been bigger than Apple if they weren’t bought by Apple.

  2. Ray
    Posted October 16, 2011 at 10:16 am | Permalink

    Oh yea, one of the thing we can definitely look forward to very soon will be voice control gaming. Siri or Siri similar type of technology will get introduce into PC and console gaming within a year’s time. Imagine now you can just tell your computer teammates to “Storm the front!” or “Fall back”. Or probably, we will even get to control the slingshot to shoot pigs with voice instead of our fingers.

  3. Posted September 20, 2012 at 1:26 am | Permalink

    I really really like this app. Excellent UI. Process incorporation. However, when I get into a meeting in the app, it is not running on my search engines schedule. When I get into the occasion in search engines, it DOES appear in the app. HELP!!! This is resulting in some significant issues for me.

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