A recognized Apple fan

Apple Apple Apple
They gave me this painting, with Apples. Why? cause I am great apple fan. Who dreams Apple, lives Apple, eats Apple.
Guys, thank you very much for this great huge big beautiful painting. I am recognized Apple fan now.

What all you need to be a recognized Apple fan?
1. Visit following websites everyday.
a. www.apple.com
b. www.gizmodo.com and read all Apple news on that blog
c. www.appleinsider.com
d. www.9to5mac.com
e. www.macrumors.com
f. www.macupdate.com
g. www.fakesteve.blogspot.com

2. Put Steve Jobs on google search and read how great Steve Jobs is.
3. Put Steve Jobs on youtube.com as search and watch all his great videos.
4. See all the keynotes, speeches and interviews he has ever given.
5. Keep waiting for next Apple Event and don’t forget to see the keynote. Download the keynote and product demo in large video format and watch them like you watch porn.
6.Keep talking about how Steve Jobs is so great, tell everyone about his life. His invention of Mac, iPod and now iPhone. Tell everyone that how Steve has changed computer industry then music industry and now mobile industry.
7. Tell everyone how Apple products are so great and always ahead of times. Talk about the concept of Apple’s Minimalist Design.Inspire them to buy one.

If you do all this, you will soon be recognized as an Apple fan and you may get an Apple product as your birthday or anniversary or send off gift.

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