Principles not Persons

Was watching a TV debate on an important issue. In couple of minutes, the panelists started doing Tu-Tu Main-Main. One said “2002” other said “1984”, One said “Ashok Chavan” the other said “Yeddurappa” and it went on and on and eventually the so called debate got converted into a shouting match. I closed the browser window.
Very typical scene on Indian TV these days, nothing new about it.

Then there was Facebook post by a friend showing a news piece exposing certain scam in Gujrat. In reply was other post making some allegations and derogatory comments for Kejriwal.
Then in reply was some cartoon insulting Modi. Which was replied by another cartoon insulting Kejriwal. And it went on.
They are all so called Facebook friends but there was no dialog or debate happening. It was again just Tu-Tu Main-Main.
Very typical scene on social media these days, nothing new about it.

Sometimes I wonder if we have forgotten about doing a constructive debate; or we never learnt it in first place? Its easy to do Tu-Tu Main-Main, it easy to shout, its easy to call names and be abusive, but does that lead anywhere?
Of course we are angry about the political establishment, of course we are inspired by Anna Andolan that things can change, of course we see hope in Modi and Kejriwal. First time in our life we are so excited about politics and the elections. This is a welcoming change but can we afford to loose the perspective?
Can we agree to disagree and still be respectful to each other? Can we stop being rude and not be aggressive or abusive? Lets not be so desperate for the change that our infighting gives another chance to the elite class to divide and rule us. Lets not be sycophant and accept everything that media feeds us. Lets use our brains. Lets try to scrutinize everything that they want us to believe. Lets apply our minds and analyse things scientifically.
Looking back at the history we wonder how can a person like Hitler happen in a country like Germany? The history shows that how dictators have always exploited believing masses by conspiring in hiding the truth and spreading false propaganda. If we be patient and trust in truth, the truth has an uncanny habit of popping up at wrong times. And times have proven that emperors have no clothes. Gone are the times of emperors, lets not allow the new breed of emperors in the garb of politicians and corporations to rule us. Let us be watchful. Lets not fool ourselves by believing that one certain politician will fix the system. Lets take things in our own hands and act for the principles that we stand for.
Parties and leaders will come and go. Principles will remain forever. We are lucky that our founding fathers have laid down solid democratic principles. Support only those who stand for the principles you believe in.

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