Chicken Soup for the Armchair Revolutionary

Was watching a popular Marathi news channel y’day after long time. Medha Patkar was being interviewed. What a lady! 30 years of struggle against all kinds of injustice. As usual humble, down to earth, calm, composed and articulate. Her dedication towards her cause gives me goose bumps. If you ask me who is most qualified person in entire India to represent Indian people, I would say Medha Patkar.┬áBe it the fight for Farmers, Tribals, Slum-dwellers or the fight to save environment, land, forest or minerals I doubt if she has ever rested in last 30 years.
Meanwhile in commercial breaks they were showing all kinds of ads. Being election season, Congress, NCP, BJP, Shiv Sena ads amused me a lot. Big words like Vikas (development) were repeated several times in Congress/NCP ads. BJP, Shiv Sena ads were focused on big personalities and their big words. The ads are made professionally and a slight naivety and you would fall for the ads. Tons of money is being spent on these ads. Most people don’t know the truth behind funding for these ads. And parties would never want them to know. Their interests are best served in keeping common people in dark, so that their conspiracies can grow in the shadows. They like keeping government schools and hospitals in poor state so that their private interests can be served best. A lot of politicians have doubled their fortune in very short time. Seems like they are the best entrepreneurs in India -:)
And then, there are observers, spectators, fans, critics and analysts. They have been commenting on the entire Indian socio-political scene all the time. They are either sitting in their coach or a chair in the news studios.
For them the scene is more or less like a movie or a cricket match. Just like they get excited when Dhoni hits a six, they get excited when their favourite politician wins. And when Dhoni goes for duck they are disappointed, similarly when their favourite politician does something that media disapproves and gives him a zero, they get disappointed. All this time, they haven’t left their couch or comfort zone and their commentary hasn’t stopped.

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