My first video podcast: Rehekuri Blackbuck Sanctury

Finally, I learned how to host a video podcast and register it on iTunes. I guess everyone has iTunes on there computer now, so you can just click this link here and iTunes will open automatically and take you to my video podcast. Needless to say, you got to subscribe to my podcast and iTunes will start downloading the video. This blog will be shown as description of the episode. These videos are shot in HD format with Sony HD-HC3 semi-professional cam-corder. These HD videos are huge in size. For example, this video is about 3 and half minutes and the size is about 250MB !!!. But the video quality is amazing. These videos will either be in .mov format or .m4v format.
Apple iTunes and Apple QuickTime can play files in these formats.My first video podcast is of Rehekuri Blackbuck Sanctuary. The sanctuary is 2 hours away from Pune. We also did some good photography there. You can watch those pics in my gallery. Here.It was amazing to see all those blackbuck leaping in sync. You can watch the same in video as well. Unfortunately, this video missed some amazing moments, but still, you can get the feel.

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