iPhone and Mobile 2.0

There were big computers, a store room size and then came the PC and the whole world changed. When mobile phone came into world, people predicted that one day the this mobile phone will have the same capabilities that PC have.

Its been a long time we have been watching the mobile phone evolution. It has came a long way. Nokia dominated the handset market world wide. Symbian OS, Palm OS and Windows mobile were the primary softwares installed into these phones. From black and white phone to color phone with camera, BT, IR, FM mobile phone has seen a slow but steady evolution.

There was not much innovation happening in mobile handset/OS until iPhone came into picture. We all know why iPhone is such a great device. But people rarely think about why iPhone is such a great device. Its the Mac OS X. iPhone has Mac OS X as its Operation System. Mac OS X is the world’s most advanced OS, having Unix at its base and great UI, we have Server Grade OS into a phone. And that changes the whole paradigm.

All mobile phone OS makers were struggling hard to bring new great capabilities to a phone. As usual, someone else was making the handset and someone else was making the software. Developing OS is a big thing, and takes years for an OS to mature. In a way mobile industry has matured enough, but a matured OS and Handsets were missing, and iPhone with its OS has filled the Great Gap.

Now with iPhone and Mac OS X at its base platform, you can do almost everything that your PC did. When you have a server grade OS sitting in a phone, only sky remains the limit. And thats why with iPhone, we will see Mobile industry to move to a new version. Lets call it Mobile 2.0

Lets take a glance, what all you can do with iPhone which was very difficult with old mobile OS platforms.

  1. True 3D gaming  (iPhone has an accelerometer, its Supports OpenGL and has 3D sound capabilities)
  2. Handwriting recognition. (Its has a great touch based UI)
  3. Full internationalization. (Its build right into Mac OS X)
  4. Enterprise level mail and calendar support (iPhone 2.0 will have all these functionalities)
  5. Enterprise level security (iPhone 2.0 will have all these functionalities)
  6. Complex applications. (Office Apps and others)
  7. Full blown internet, VOIP, and IM (Built in EDGE, WiFI and 3G, Safari web browser, and great SDK to write advanced internet apps like VOIP and IM)
  8. High quality media experience. (Pictures, Videos, Music) (remember iPhone is an iPod too)
  9. GPS and Traffic watch (iPhone understand wifi and mobile signals and uses it for GPS)

So to speak, with iPhone OS, iPhone is not only an iPod, a Phone, internet communicator, but its more than that. Its transforming into a full blown personal computer, a video camera, a GPS, a personal gaming console and much more.

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  1. Nikhil
    Posted May 8, 2008 at 9:10 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for the valuable information about iPhone and its capabilities. But i was expecting kind of -ve comments from u though u r a die hard fan of apple. Simply because one can not call iPhone or its SDK as a Mobile technology as long as it cant run on different hardware,with different manufactures. I personally found it very hard to gather information about iPhone SDK and Bluetooth capabilities (if i didnt search the proper sites blame it on google :)) when i was creating presentation for our client. Any views
    on android or JavaFX?

  2. Posted May 8, 2008 at 10:19 pm | Permalink

    You can goto http://developer.apple.com/ and find all the resources you need about iPhone SDK. The SDK runs only on Mac OS X and you must know Objective-C to develop an app for iPhone.

    I have installed the SDK on my Mac and its awesome !

    With Apple, one needs to remember that their basic philosophy is, “One who makes the hardware should make the software for it”, and time has proven that their philosophy is of great significance. Thats why, within an year’s span, iPhone has surpassed the amount of innovation, rest of the mobile industry did for years.

    About Android read this
    and you will know why it is doomed to failure.

    JavaFX is nothing but Java and you know Java speed sucks!!! For mobile devices it would only perform if the language talks natively to hardware, like C does.

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