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 Eating Right

My struggle to be a complete raw-vegan continues. In my language, there is a saying which says its hard to forget the cast you belong to. Same way its really hard to change your food habits. Food tastes which we inherit from our tradition cannot be changed so easily. Like, we in India, typically eat quite a spicy food, and can never-never think of just eating sandwiches and salads as whole diet. Being an indian, its difficult not to include Chapati/Paratha as part of our diet. For indians who live abroad eating a frozen Chapati/Paratha is no more a healthy choice, but still they just cant think of eliminating it from the diet.

So changing eating habits is challenging not just because of the taste phenomenon but the problem is much more complex than what we understand. Food is a complex phenomenon so are eating patterns. We eat even if we are not hungry. We see some delicious food, or just the picture of food and the desire to eat arises. So food is much more than basic need of our body. Food has entered into our psyche and we use food to avoid our psychological problems.

Dr. Gabriel Cousens, a scientist, nutritionist, a doctor, an author and a spiritually awakened person, says in his wonderful book Conscious Eating that for most people “food as their best friend. Food is safe sex. Food is sensual, accessible and easy. Food makes them feel connected to life and the world. Eating takes away thier loneliness, grief, stress and pain. Eating is a convenient way to stuff feelings. Food is addiction.” 

Eating and food is a subject of deep research. My self-research has arrived to a point where I have decided to be a complete raw vegan for so many reasons which I would like to cover in my upcoming posts. Being a cook,  I love to cook , But when you decide to be a raw vegan there is really nothing to cook, but still you can be a cook and prepare wonderful mouth-watering dishes. Eating right section of my website is fully dedicated to such raw vegan recipes. I am discovering exciting raw-vegan recipes on a daily basis. So I will update recipes section almost every day. There are also some steamed recipes for soups and rices. You are invited to visit recipes section of this website, try some of the wonderful recipes for yourself and leave your feedback !

Happy Eating !!!

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  1. Mariela
    Posted January 12, 2011 at 12:17 pm | Permalink

    Wow… so far, so good! I like what I read in every post! and let me tell you I will try the almond milk 🙂 I’m intolerant to lactose and that sounds like a good option for me!

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