I dream of a new India

Indians were on the verge of loosing their patriotism. Most smart Indians have flown their mother land, mainly because they have given up on India. After a long long time, behind Anna’s voice, all Indians have came together to say what was suppressed for decades.

Being an young Indian, like most other young Indians I was hopeless about the situation in India. Because of the corruption India has suffered so much for decades that no matter how smart Indians are, India still remained an underdog when it came to living standard, progressiveness and general competetiveness index.

When we start accepting corruption as way of life, a nation can not rise to higher levels. Corrupt minds have the vested interests in keeping the society corrupt. Corrupt society is a falling society. Its doomed to fail. People in corrupt society can not live a happy and a life of dignity. The very purpose of living gets confused. A society that has lost its way will eventually destroy itself.

It was pity that while young generation was frustrated about it, it did not know what to do. There was anger,frustration and a feeling of revenge for betrayal. When a well educated well performing young professional finds out that to get a voters ID he must pay bribe; its humiliating.

Under Anna’s leadership everybody vented their anger, frustration and the feeling of betrayal out. And government has finally understood that. All people have got their hopes of a better India back. They have started to dream of a new India. An India where people would be honest and kind. And where people will live a normal life of happiness and dignity. When a farmer will walk into a government office and apply for ration card his job will be done without any harassment and promptly. All politicians will do the best thing for the country and not for their bank balance. A country of discipline will create citizens which know how to exercise their rights and same time how to behave responsibly.

Can I dream of a new India?

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How Steve Jobs helped me.

Until 2006 I was pretty much a PC guy with a Nokia phone. Co-incidently in that same year, I bought my first laptop. It was Dell. (It still works fine. Although it got repaired by Dell on four occasions, in which its motherboard, LCD screen and graphics card got replaced.) My IT manager at work was shocked that I spent $2K on a Dell Laptop. He strongly suggested me return the Dell and get a Mac.

I didn’t consider his suggestion even for a minute. I didn’t really know much about Mac then.

And then I bought iPod. That was the first Apple product that I bought. Immediately I was in love with this tiny little device and the amazing way it worked. Since then I started discovering about Apple.

Interestingly at work I stopped using Windows and switched to Linux. But at home I was still a PC guy. And then in January 2007 I saw Steve’s Keynote when he introduced the iPhone. I was completely blown away. I started discovering about Apple and Mac feverishly. And eventually decided that Mac will be my next computer. Came year 2007 and I was a owner of a MacBook Pro. It still works fine, except its SuperDrive got replaced.

My life changed a lot after that. I took sabbatical from my day job and was in search of enlightenment for an year.

By this time, I was a certified Apple fanboy. And then came the App Store. I launched my first apps and immediately got huge success that I never had to return to a day job. I was self employed. Thanks to Steve.

This year, I started my own company in India. When iPad 2 was launched in USA, I ordered two of them. But alas, Apple rejected my order. They wouldn’t send it to a freight forwarding address and hence I couldn’t ship it to India. And Apple was yet to announce when iPad 2 will be available in India.

I wrote to Steve. Expressed my frustration on Apple Online Store policies and how as an Indian app developer I was at a disadvantage. I told him that I wanted these iPad 2s immediately at my B’lore office for testing my upcoming apps.

In 24 hours, I got an email from Apple developer relations manager informing that the my email to Steve has been forwarded to him and he wish to help me. Later he called me on my phone and assured that he would do his best to help me. In next 24 hours my iPad 2s got shipped!

The total turnaround time was only 48 hours after I wrote to Steve. This kind of events are unheard of in any organization in an industry. But this is very very often for an Apple enthusiast to have his email to Steve replied or action taken upon.

After Steve resigned today, I was a little surprised, but all were seeing it coming. Fortunately enough, Steve will remain as chairman. As long as Steve is alive, am sure he will be involved in Apple some or other way. Till then, an Apple fanboy like me will remain at peace.

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The Emergence of Android App Stores.

I am forced to write this article. For over two years since the launch of Android Market by Google, a huge number of competing Android markets have emerged. And almost everyday, yes everyday, I get an email asking to launch my Android app on their Android App store.

Vodafone, O2, Orange, Cisco, Amazon and ton of small players, they all want their app store.

The Goggle’s Android market itself is so poorly managed that very less Android developers are profitable. Google is big company, and they have the horsepower to make Android developers successful, they done a horrible job of promoting Android apps. And when everyday new Android market pops-up, you start wondering whats going on.

So, I gave a try to launch my apps on Motorola app store, Amazon appstore and Orange app store. And unfortunately, they all just suck. Their developer portal is so abysmal that it can only be renamed as crap.

1. The dev portals do not support multiple users, so if you are working as a company, you have to share all your credentials among your employees, and your employees would know your how much you are making, its just annoying.

2. Create, Update, Delete, View. These are the four basic operations needed for each app. But they do very poor job on this that become next impossible to update an app or remove it from the portal.

3.Reporting: Except Apple and Google nobody else provides real time or daily reporting. So you have to wait for weeks to know how  many apps you sold. If anybody is serious about selling apps, they need a realtime data or atleast daily reporting to make strategic decisions to promote their app successfully.

4. Payment terms: Well, they don’t really want to pay you or want to delay it as much as possible. The terms are so erratic that you need a great deal of patience.

5. Bugs: These App stores are so desperate that they haven’t gone thru enough testing. Even Googles Android market is so full of bugs that I daily receive 10s of emails saying they are not able to download the app or they don’t know why their payment has been declined.

So, the conclusion.

All those who are planning to launch a new another Android app store, please stop. I am not giving you my apps.

Aum Shanti.

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The problem with developing for tablets other than iPad

Since the launch of iPad one and half years ago, a lot of competing tablets have arrived in market. BB Playbook, Samsung Galaxy Tab, HP TouchPad, Motorola XOOM and several other Android tablets. While Android phones has surpassed iPhone’s growth in terms of volume, I am afraid, it can not happen same with Android tablets.

iPad is a category into itself. People don’t want a tablet but they want an iPad. That was not the case with phones. People wanted a smartphone and iPhone was either too expensive or wasn’t available with their carrier.

The biggest problem other tablets are facing that they don’t have a strong identity of their own. The marketing folks for these tablets have no clue on how to pitch their new tablet to consumers against iPad. All they can say is it runs Flash and iPad doesn’t, and that’s it. But who cares about Flash? Average consumer doesn’t even know what Flash is.

These competing tablets aren’t really bad. They have good hardware and a good software, too. But the problem is, they don’t have apps. And I don’t see for a number of reasons its going to change soon.

Being a mobile app developer for several platforms, I know the pains of developing for a new category of device or a new platform. There have to be huge incentives for a mobile app developer if he is developing for a new device or platform. These new tablets are not selling well. Most app developers are either one man shop or very small companies. They often do not have enough bandwidth to go after a new platform/device.

So it becomes a chicken and egg problem. Developers won’t write app until a huge number of consumers adopt the new device and consumers won’t adopt it until the device has enough quality apps.

Developing for iPhone is still the most profitable business for most developers. Android and Blackberry might be the next profitable platforms followed by WP7.  So unless you are a big company like EA or Disney, most developers are not bothered to write apps for these new devices. And I don’t see its going to change soon.

So most tablets will have to wait a couple of years until the volumes build  and developers start noticing and justify porting of their apps. I am not sure how this will affect the tablet makers. They would not be profitable for quite a long time which would limit their ability to invest more money into business. This would result in their engineering departments under funded and eventually their inability to compete with iPad.

Would the competing tablets eventually die?

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Lifehacker features ‘My Data Usage Pro’ as ‘app of the day’.

I am super excited to announce that Lifehacker has featured our “My Data Usage Pro” as ‘App of the day’.
Lifehacker app of the day my data usage pro

My Data Usage Pro is a simple utility app that enables you to count every last byte you download and hence fend off that scheming telecom provider who is waiting so that you exceed your monthly data limit and he can bilk your hard earned money as outrageously overpriced penalties. If you don’t use the data limit to the fullest for fear of exceeding the limit and hence waste the money you pay anyways, this app does the work of counting every byte for you, making it super simple for you to know exactly when you might exceed the limit and hence saving that precious money of yours, month after month, every month. And that Peace of Mind you get.

★★★★★ Available in 17 languages.
★★★★★ Supported Languages: English, German, Dutch, Flemish, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Hebrew, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Japanese.

▪This app now has Data Doctor with Smart Analysis and Early Warning System Features. Please see “Whats new in version 1.3” for details.

▪iPad support added. This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad and will run natively on both. Buy once, use everywhere.

The Highlights of this app are:

✓Measures Cellular and WiFi data.

✓No need to run this app in background. Hence save the precious battery life unlike other similar apps that run in background and hog the battery as well as phone memory and slow your phone down.

✓Predictive monthly data analysis where it gives highly accurate projections for your current month data usage and suggests usage patterns so that you don’t overrun your limit before end of month.

✓Designed for both iPhone and iPad and will run natively on both. Buy once, use everywhere (iPhone, iPad, iPod)

✓Supports 17 languages. English, German, Dutch, Flemish, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Hebrew, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Japanese

✓Automatically detects the right language for your device based on your device language settings.

✓Uses artificial intelligence algorithm that learns from your usage patterns and adapts to suggest best case daily usage quota limit.

✓Uses a special algorithm that tells your precise data usage without ever having to continuously run it in background. Great battery life saving. Great phone memory saving.

✓Green, Red and Yellow color coded warnings to tell you where your usage stands.

✓Use the “Since Last Run” feature to find out data used by other apps. Very useful in fishing out data hogging apps.

✓Use reset reminders to reset the data usage at start of billing cycle.

✓This app will work with any telecom provider as it gathers all its data from inside the device WITHOUT ever having to login anywhere.

✓Super simple setup.

✓Highly intuitive user interface designed by award winning UI Experts.

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