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Siri : The future is here.

For years, I have tried to talk to computers and I have realized that they simply don’t get it. I have tried over a dozen of desktop and mobile apps to see if computers understand what I say. Apps from Google, IBM, Microsoft and many other apps from small developers. None could understand what I […]

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Windows: A Bug or a Fix?

Windows is the Bug #1 in Ubuntu bug database. It might be same case in Apple bug database as well, but since its not public database we will never know it. After bashing windows for last 3 years, I seriously started to think if its a Bug or a Fix? Windows 7 is officially out. […]

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Safari: The next generation browser.

I receive an update of firefox every week. And I don’t see if anything has changed since last version. IE 6 was better but IE 7 has become really heavy and slow. Interestingly enough, Safari: the default browser on mac is becoming the next generation browser. Safari v4 is now available for developer preview and […]

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